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York Stars Rhythmic Gymnastics Toronto has best coaches in GTA

The mission of York Stars RGC is to develop mind and body of the participant through Rhythmic Gymnastics by providing a healthy and caring environment, so girls can achieve the best personal results.

We focus on an individual approach in the development of our athletes, as well as building on an ethical and honest foundation and team spirit.

We ensure development of the raw skills of each participants, while continuing to build a strong, healthy and competitive spirit of each gymnast training with us.

We are confident that when your child joins York Stars, she will shine brighter under the coaching of the experts working at our club.

York Stars RGC is a fully affiliated member of Gymnastics Ontario and Rhythmic Gymnastics Canada to ensure your child gets the quality coaching they deserve.


York Stars Rhythmic Gymnastics Toronto is about athletes, coach team

Rhythmic Gymnastics - Julia Assadoullaev, Head Coach

Julia Assadoullaev, Head Coach

Julia coaches competitive levels -Provincial, National and International. She is qualified as a NCCP Level 3 RG Coach, Level 1 Sport Aerobics Coach and is a Brevet 3 category International Judge.

Julia has been the GO Provincial Coaching Chair for several years and was named Volunteer Coach of the Year for 2002. She received the 2005 Coaching Achievement Award for representing a positive role model and mentor to her athletes.

In 2006, she was honored by Gymnastics Canada and received the 2006 Provincial Coach of the Year Award, presented to her at the Canadian Individual Championships held in Vancouver, B.C.

Julia has a Masters Degree in Sports and Physical Education. She has been on the Azerbaijan National Team, the Soviet Union National Junior team and the Soviet Union Olympic Reserve team. Julia has also received the prestigious National Soviet Spectator Gymnast award and was the AAA Champion of Azerbaijan for many years.

Julia has produced athletes who have reached their goals not only in the gym, but personally as well.

Here are a few highlights from previous years:

  • In 2011 our gymnasts have finished 4 and 6 on the national senior team.
  • Ksenia Judeikin has won bronze at the national Canadian championships.
  • Daria and Ksenia have contributed to team Ontario score and won gold as a part of team competition at Canadian championships.
  • National team has travelled to Europe and USA throughout 2011 season.

In 2010, our gymnasts have competed individually and in groups at various levels. Our national team has traveled to France and Egypt, along with many other places. Elite Ontario YS national team has represented the club extremely well, winning gold medals in every category. Our gymnasts have entered and competed in the Pre-novice duet, Junior Trio, Junior individual and Senior Individual. Dasha Mukhina has won the Canadian Eastern Regional Championship in the senior Category and the all National level gymnast from YS has qualified to compete at the Canadian Championships. In 2009, Stefani Viinamae, a gymnast from YS traveled the world as a part of the Canadian group and represented Canada at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan! Later that group has represented Canada at 2012 Olympic Games in London,UK!

Previously, our smallest gymnast, who is in the pre-novice provincial trio, has won gold at Ontario Championships. In 2008, Julia traveled to Cyprus and became an international category judge. That same year, the YS gymnast Laura Chin won a spot on the Canadian national team and represented Canada at the Chicago cup, and obtaining 4th overall. In 2007, the YS has had 3 Ontario Champions, two Canadian Eastern Regional Champions and qualified 7 gymnasts to Canadian Championships! In 2006, the club results included 167 medals (73 gold, 44 silver, and 50 bronze) across 7 champions. The girls compete again not only in Ontario, but across Canada, into the U.S. and overseas. Three of our National athletes qualified to the Canadian National Individual Championships in Vancouver and one qualified for Elite Canada 2007. We had one Provincial Champion and one qualifying champion, with one Canadian East Provincial Champion in our inaugural year!. In 2005, the York Stars results included 139 medals (51 gold, 44 silver, 44 bronze) across 3 Champions. The girls competed both locally, nationally and also overseas. Four of our National stream athletes qualified for the National Finals and three qualified for Elite Canada 2006. In 2004, the results included 159 medals (52 gold, 49 silver, 58 bronze) and our athletes attended competitions not only outside Ontario, but in the U.S. as well. Five of our National level athletes qualified for the National Finals and two qualified for Elite Canada 2005. We have had four Ontario Provincial Champions in Levels 4, 5 and 6. YS has also held the provincial senior group and three East Provincial Champions. In 2003, the results included 121 medals (25 gold, 48 silver, 48 bronze) one East Provincial Champion. The 2002 accomplishments include 192 medals (92 gold, 49 silver, 51 bronze) and three Ontario Provincial Champions in Levels 3, 5 and 7, as well as four Eastern Ontario Provincial champions. #rhythmicgymnastics


Veronika Viinamae

Veronika Viinamae

Veronika is currently coaching pre-competitive kids and personally training a synchronized swimmer, she is working towards the 2016 Olympics She is now completing her level 1 RG coaching qualifications. She started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 4, training for a total of 16 years. She competed internationally as a national individual gymnast for 4 years. Beginning her coaching experience through York Stars at the age of 16, she has been a RG instructor at numerous Montessori schools, a recreational instructor at Silhouettes of York, a physical education instructor at the Islington Advanced Montessori School, and has had experience instructing provincial and national rhythmic gymnasts as well. She is in her fourth year at the University of Guelph Humber, and getting her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

Stefani Viinamae


Stefani Viinamae

I am currently a University student at Ryerson and a coach in training. Previously being a Rhythmic Gymnastics competitor, I was on the Canadian National Team for both the individual and group competition. This allowed me to represent Canada in the 2009 World Championships in Mie, Japan. More recently however, I was one of the athletes to compete for Canada in the 2012 AGG World Championships in Cartegena, Spain.


YSYEkaterina2Ekaterina Kharlip

– born: Sept 14,1989

– education: Hon. B.A in Psychology

– was national team member in Belarus

– moved to canada: April 2004

– made canadian national team in 2005-2007

– began AGG with Kalev Estienne in 2008-2010 representing canada at several world championships and world cups

– coached AGG junior team who competed in junior worlds (2011-2013)

– now level 2 canadian coach and level 3 international AGG judge

– affiliated with Zero Gravity Circus since 2007


KhulanKhulan trained as a Rhythmic Gymnast at the Mongolian National Squad for 11 years. She represented at numerous International Competitions and was the first ever International Gold Medal Winner for her country. Khulan has been the Mongolian National Champion 6 times for Rhythmic Gymnastics and once for Aerobics. Khulan worked as a Head coach in “London Academy of Gymnastics and Dance”, UK 2009-2013. Her gymnasts won 4 Gold, 8 Silver, 5 Bronze and total result showed the best club in the British National Championships 2013. Therefore, successfully competed several times international competitions in Italy and the USA. Master of Business Administration 2011, GB. Bachelor of Arts 2003, MGL  British and Mongolian National Judge 1999-2011  International Brevet IV Judge 2012-2016   British Gymnastics level 4, Club Coach




The club operates in Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Thornhill, North York and Toronto areas.